• Adapt Your Thoughts to Achieve Your Dream


    When you’re in the forest – be in the forest! Learn to love peace and quiet. This is the perfect opportunity to switch off from everything, and tune into the words passing through your mind. The thoughts you accept without question are the ones that are programming your future.

    Notice how you talk to yourself, and become aware of how negativity drags you down, and prevents you from making progress.

    List all the ways you block yourself when you think about your dream –
    You say things like this:

    1)   “I can’t do that”
    2)   “I don’t know how to do that”
    3)   “I’ve never done that before”
    4)   “It’s too hard.”
    5)   “It will take forever, I don’t have the time to do everything.”
    6)   “I’m already too busy.”
    7)   “I have children and pets to look after.”

    Lose Fear by becoming Fluent in adapting your thoughts.

    Don’t try to dismiss your fears, because they feel real to you now. Instead, adapt them so they don’t feel like a huge leap, and too much to even attempt. Address each fear with a reasonable alternative that is entirely possible.

    Your unconscious mind only throws up fears to keep you safe, and when you reassure it that you can cope, you make it easy to overcome the natural process of resistance to anything new.

    Don’t come up with bold statements like “I am superwoman” that are far from the truth, because your mind won’t accept them. You’re not looking to make huge declarations that will be impossible to keep up.

    Start replying to each fear with examples like these:

    1)   “I could give it a try, and see how it goes.”
    2)   “I’ll have a look online, or find a book to see what I can learn.”
    3)   “I’ll find someone who has already achieved my dream, and see how they managed to do it.”
    4)   “I’ll break this down into small steps.”
    5)   “This isn’t a race, I can go at my own pace.”
    6)  “I can write down what I do all day. See what I can fit in during my lunch break. I can spend less time chatting with my friends on the phone. I can limit visits to Facebook and Twitter to 1/2 an hour, no more than twice a day.”
    7)   “I will tell the children why I need them to help me more, because they will all benefit when I’ve achieved my dream. Learning responsibility for pets will teach them life skills that will always be useful. I can ask a friend to take the dog for walks a couple of times a week.”

    Write down all the ways you can support each solution to your fears. Keep adding notes of what makes you feel good, so you can include them as rewards for each step you take forward. Become your own best friend.

    It doesn’t matter if a day or two are taken sideways – always be kind to yourself. Build in breaks, so you don’t push yourself too hard. Time off doing nothing will benefit you far more than becoming exhausted and stressed. The more relaxed you feel, the more you will accomplish. It’s only when your mind is quiet that you will hear the answers you need.

    If you know your head if full of negative self-talk, and you don’t know how to let it all go – get in touch. Relaxing with ZPoint is the easy way to release limiting beliefs, and accept what feels true for you. You can learn to believe in your abilities, and know your dream is within reach.

    “Turn down the volume of your negative inner voice and create a nurturing inner voice to take its place. When you make a mistake, forgive yourself, learn from it, and move on instead of obsessing about it.” ~ Beverly Engel

    “Self-critical thoughts and detrimental predictions about yourself have a huge impact on our mood/feelings. It affects our attitude, decisions and behavior. They ensure our self-esteem stays low and can create physical illnesses.” ~ Maddy Malhotra

    “Via self-talk we give our mind instructions on what we expect of ourselves and so behave accordingly. Change the instructions and we change the outcomes.” ~ Sam Owen