• Allow the Flow of Abundance


    Following on from the last two weeks:

    Once you’ve accepted all of you, and released all judgement, you will find your life becomes much easier, and lights will turn to green for you.

    When you have absolute clarity, and know exactly what you want – the Universe can understand what you ask for, and is able to deliver it more quickly.

    Now, you have to Allow your request to Flow to you.

    This is the most challenging part, because you can become anxious, and keep checking on where your request is.

    Feeling stressed is the sign that you don’t believe in your ability to manifest your desire. Even small niggles of doubt interrupt the flow.

    • The word Allow begins with ALL – that means you have to let go of everything  that stands in the way of you Allowing everything  to reach you.
    • The word Flow begins with F – that stands for Freedom. When you feel free of all doubts and fears – then you feel wonderful – and that is how you need to feel to be in the flow to receive.

    Releasing everything that makes you feel stressed with ZPoint restores you to a place of peace and harmony. Once you’re free from all your blocks, it’s easy to allow all the possibilities to enter your subconscious, so you can experience what it will feel like to have already received your desire.

    These feelings will remain with you, and you can tap into them whenever your mood dips, and doubts creep in to take you out of the Flow.

    Feeling excited about knowing your desire is on its way is how you stay in the Flow.

    Your only job is to Allow yourself to feel good, and Allow the Universe to do its job.

    Don’t ask questions like Where is it? or Why isn’t it here yet?

    Instead, allow all your senses to open, and be aware of every little thing that reminds you of what you’ve asked for. Feel joy inside you when you receive each sign, and know you’re in the Flow – effortlessly.

    Don’t keep forcing ways to manifest – you’re only getting in the way. Simply focus on feeling the bliss of freedom from stress and worry, and love the freedom your imagination has to take you to wherever makes you feel amazing.

    It takes practice to detach your logical mind from the inner part of you that is capable of seeing the vision of unlimited possibilities – ZPoint takes care of that for you! Take it one step at a time, one desire at a time, and you will collect proof that being in the Flow is the only way to live.

    “Shift the way you feel and watch what happens. If you can rid yourself of worry, you will rid yourself of things to worry about. It is really that simple.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

    “Reduce your workload by 30% and increase your fun load by 30%, and you will increase your revenues by 100%. And you will increase your productivity by 10,000% (if there could be such a percentage.) More fun, less struggle — more results on all fronts.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

    “Now your work is to play on the beach. Your work is to release resistance.  Your work is to appreciate and bask and find clarity and look for delicious ease and flow. In other words, your work is to look for feelings that feel good. Your work is non-work. Your work is to relax and release. Relax and Release, relax and release.  And it is our promise to you that you will find all of those answers. They are all queued up. You just gotta get in the vortex!”  ~ Abraham-Hicks

    “When you are really in the flow with your Inner Being, ideas come easily—they are implemented easily. It’s fun while you are in the process of them, and it doesn’t matter how they unfold; and nothing can go wrong, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it done, it’s just fun to do it. Your Inner Being feels no limit. So, anything that feels like limits is something that you have self-imposed.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

    “Dream your dream for the dream’s sake, and never mind about reality or probabilities. That’s what’s tripping you up, because in the dream you can make it pure, and when you make it pure in your dreams the universe will answer it. So it boils down to you’re dreaming it for the THRILL of dreaming it, not because you’re trying to create with it.” ~ Abraham-Hicks