• Don’t Suppress – Express Your Feelings Safely With ZPoint


    I know I’m sensitive, so I choose to avoid subjects that will upset me, but sometimes I need to allow sad feelings to come out.

    If you’ve heard sad news that links to a sad time, you can’t help but react emotionally. You can’t tell yourself not to feel sad, when it’s an automatic response.

    You’ve heard you’re supposed to feel positive all the time to attract what you really want – but you’re also human. Be kind and gentle with yourself – you’re not a machine.

    The way to deal with sadness is to accept it, you can’t deny those real feelings.

    Don’t try to suppress how you feel – that’s how you start to experience pains in your stomach, or somewhere else in your body. Emotions always have a physical response, and that’s why they need to be addressed.

    Cancer is an emotive subject, and many of you will have had it touch your life. A popular actress in the UK, Lynda Bellingham, died from cancer. She was a lovely, warm, and open person, who always found the funny side of things. Losing her 4 year battle with cancer was sad enough, but it brought back memories of my mum dying of cancer 26 years before.

    Usually, I can hear something about cancer without being triggered, but Lynda had similar qualities to my mother, who was also smart, strong, and funny. At the time I first heard the news I had to keep focused on other things, so I couldn’t indulge in the extent of my real feelings.

    I later made time to watch Lynda’s last interview when I knew I wouldn’t be interrupted, and I could let everything out. It wasn’t pretty! But I didn’t tell myself how I “should” be feeling, I felt all the ways I missed my mum, until I couldn’t cry any more.

    I didn’t tell myself to snap out of it, or bounce back immediately. I had a quiet couple of hours, then I watched a favorite TV program with a glass of wine, until I gradually felt fully restored. The next day I felt fine again, which I wouldn’t have done if I’d tried to ignore or suppress my sadness.

    Crying is a natural expression of grief and upset. I think acting strong causes more sadness, which can lead to illness if you’re not honest about facing up to your feelings.

    When you take your emotions through the ZPoint Process, you can let everything go – you can wail about the unfairness, scream about how bad everything is – and I promise all these emotions will fade, as you feel more relaxed, until you feel completely calm. Because I’ve used ZPoint to help me with sad memories, I know it’s safe, and I know I always feel better afterwards.

    Also, because I’ve experienced ZPoint a lot, I’m more in tune with my emotions. I knew I needed to have time to think about my mother. I knew I could wait until I had time to have a full-blown crying session, and I knew letting everything out stopped me dwelling on sad memories. No matter how sad you feel, you can manage your emotions, and you can cry without worrying about not being able to stop.

    When you do what you know you need to do to connect with your true feelings, you are making room to replace sadness with happiness.


    “We enjoy warmth because we have been cold. We appreciate light because we have been in darkness. By the same token, we can experience joy because we have known sadness.” ~ David Weatherford

    “The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.” ~ Jim Rohn