• Wander Into a Life of Wonder


    The reason why I manifested my dream sea view is because I took my focus away from the reality of my circumstances. If I’d kept feeling upset because my old neighbours had moved away, and the new ones weren’t quite as nice . . . and if I’d kept feeling frustrated and let down by every workman who created more work than they fixed – I would still be in the same position, feeling those same awful emotions.

    I chose where I placed my attention and focus, and made it a constant assignment to find beauty that raised me up to a place of wonder and awe. I feel grateful every day that the internet supplies me with endless ways for my imagination to escape, and allow me to dream.

    Now, I can never express the amount of joy I feel whenever I look out at my beautiful sea view. I can easily lose an hour watching the clouds change shape and colour. This is the best use of my time ever!

    Without the constraints of stress, nothing feels impossible. All it takes is feeling a sense of wonder, and when you allow your breath to be taken away you are also transported away from any unhappy situation.

    What you focus on expands, and the more time you spend appreciating the simple beauty of nature – the more you will find to appreciate. Acknowledge every small thing that comes into your life – they all add up to make a big difference.

    When you’re looking out for anything that makes you feel wonder, you know how much better you feel, so you no longer have time and space for whatever drags your mood down.

    You always have a choice about how you feel.

    Always choose to feel better.

    Opening your eyes to the wonders of nature opens your soul to love.

    Being an adult isn’t always easy, and we can get weighed down by responsibilities, so there is nothing better than remembering the sense of awe children express when they see something new. The smallest, simplest thing can appear magical to them – and we need to re-capture that.

    ​Even if you can’t access nature, you can find photos online that take you to every corner of our beautiful world. I can promise you that wandering into wonder for 30 minutes a day will change your life more than any regimented action plan.

    It feels so good forgetting the ties of everyday life, and allowing yourself to feel pure, true love for nature. Love every small leaf, every cloud that passes, and watch love grow in your life.

    Please get in touch if you want to let go of the stress of the present, and look forward to receiving the future you really want. Don’t let life pass you by, when every day is an opportunity to allow in endless possibilities.

    “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” ~ Socrates

    “The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    “The more I wonder, the more I love.” ~ Alice Walker

    “The finest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. He who does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer feel amazement, is as good as dead, a snuffed-out candle.” ~ Albert Einstein

    “The first act of awe, when man was struck with the beauty or wonder of Nature, was the first spiritual experience.” ~ Henryk Skolimowski

    “It is a happiness to wonder, it is a happiness to dream.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe

    “The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.” ~ Albert Einstein

    The beauty of the trees,
    the softness of the air, 
    the fragrance of the grass, 
    speaks to me.
    The summit of the mountain, 
    the thunder of the sky, 
    speaks to me.  
    The faintness of the stars, 
    the trail of the sun, 
    the strength of fire, 
    and the life that never goes away, 
    they speak to me. 
    And my heart soars.
    ~ Chief Dan George