• Be Selfish if You Want to Be Truly Generous


    One of the first lessons a child is taught is how to share, and not be selfish. It’s considered to be a bad trait, and we grow up putting the needs of others before our own.

    The word ‘selfish’ throws up numerous negative connotations – from mean to spoiled, to uncaring.

    I had a hard time finding quotes to illustrate the positive angle – the majority were along the lines of:

    “Selfishness is the greatest curse of the human race” ~ William E. Gladstone.

    This can leave us feeling guilty if we entertain the idea – but being selfish is essential.

    Being selfish can easily be  confused with being self obsessed in these times of celebrities posting multiple ‘selfies’ of themselves online. They’re the opposite of what caring for yourself absolutely actually means.

    Being selfish means you take the time to delve below the surface, and the last thing you care about is perfecting your pout in the mirror. You know it has no bearing on who you really are inside. It can mean you have to remove yourself from circles of friends who only communicate on a superficial level, and requires you to go against the tide to change old patterns of thinking.

    It means you have to say “No” – which isn’t easy to begin with, but it’s the vital first step to reclaiming time back for yourself. I can help you to know you deserve to spend time on letting go of the old, to make space for the new, with the ZPoint Process.

    You can’t love anyone fully, completely, without reservation if you don’t love yourself unconditionally. If you find fault with yourself, and have negative thoughts about anything you do – then you’re not able to look at others without criticizing them. When you judge, you build a barrier and distance yourself from pure love.

    Everything you do has to start with how you treat yourself. Watch your thoughts, and replace any that put you down. You can simply say: “I’m OK as I am.” When you accept yourself, then you open the door to allowing yourself to love all of you. Once you begin the process of allowing, then you’re in the place to receive.

    A truly selfish person would never take from someone with a greater need – because they’re in tune with what feels right. They know what feels good, because they’ve actively worked towards experiencing that, and they only want others to feel the same. If you want to be generous – give to yourself first, then you will be full of love to share – you can’t give anything worthwhile when you’re running on half-empty.

    If you feel uncomfortable with becoming selfish, get in touch for a guided ZPoint session, and you will understand the feeling of pure love. It leaves no room for anything other than pure love, and you will automatically share this with everyone you meet. Repeat regularly to spread the benefits!

    “If we were standing in your physical shoes, that would be our dominant quest: Entertaining Yourself, pleasing Yourself, connecting with Yourself, being Yourself, enjoying Yourself, loving Yourself. Some say, “Well, Abraham you teach selfishness. And we say, yes we do, yes we do, yes we do, because unless you are selfish enough to reach for that connection, you don’t have anything to give anyone, anyway. And when you are selfish enough to make that connection — you have an enormous gift that you give everywhere you are.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

     key to living a mindful life is to use our daily life to be of service to the greater whole, rather than leading a life that is so self-involved that we are unable to move beyond the limiting stories we’ve created for ourselves.

    Personal development, where one commits to pursuing the inner healing necessary to live a happy, more fulfilling life, is not to be mistaken with being self-involved.

    In fact, when we dedicate our lives to empowering and healing ourselves, we are empowering and healing the world.” ~ Emmanuel Dagher