• Get Clear to Ask For What You Want


    Do you know exactly what you really want?

    I’m sure you’ll immediately say, “Of course I know. I want more money / a new car / a better job… ”

    Each of those options is far too vague.

    If you say you want some fruit, you could find you have the choice of an apple or a pear – they’re both fruit, but still different.

    You have to be clear, and know exactly what you want. As Abraham-Hicks say below, clarity brings you into alignment with your goal.

    They also say clarity is fun – which it is! When you have a clear picture of where you’re heading, after letting go of everything which blocks you – it feels great.

    You will increase these feelings of fun when you go through a ZPoint visualization – because you will know how it feels to have already reached your goal, so you become open and aware, and attract reminders, and support, to keep you on your path.

    And action is only effective when you’re in alignment, which is why last week’s subject of accepting all of you is essential as the foundation for everything you want. You have to love yourself unconditionally in order to know you deserve to receive. If your unconscious is sending out messages that you’re not worthy, then you can take all the action in the world – but you won’t get anywhere.

    Abraham-Hicks say place the emphasis on the energy work, to allow you to become “wobble free”. When you release all your doubts and fears around what you want – you are in the flow to receive. Aiming for your goal is much easier after you’ve released all the fogginess, and you’re continually inspired by the vision you’ve created.

    Having to motivate yourself feels like an uphill struggle – so choose to get clear, and keep reinforcing how good that feels.

    The step many forget is to ask for what you want! Claim what you deserve, and the Universe is able to deliver because now it knows exactly what you want – not just some fruit, which could be a basket delivered to your hospital bed, or a Carmen Miranda fancy dress outfit!

    Make it easy on the Universe to help you –

    • Release doubts and fears which block you
    • Know what you don’t want to reveal what you do want
    • ASK for your exact goal
    • Feel inspired by your clear vision
    • Focus on feeling the fun around your goal

    Get in touch if you want to have fun discovering your exact goal, know you deserve it, and have the courage to ask for it.

    Law of Attraction Book

    I found Michael Losier’s book “Law of Attraction” had the simplest explanation on how to discover exactly what you want.

    Write down what you don’t want – then opposite write all the things you do want, and you will build up an accurate picture of what you are aiming for.

    “Action is effective only when you’re in alignment, so you have a path of least resistance.  The emphasis is on the energy work, to allow you to become wobble free.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

    “Esther says every day: ‘what matters to me is clarity’ because that means alignment. And then she’ll say ‘and fun’ because clarity is fun.” ~ Abraham-Hicks“As much money is coming to you, financial abundance is coming to you as you are asking for – and allowing.  But what’s interesting, you’re motivating yourself to the asking rather than inspiringyourself to the asking.  So it’s not a clearopen thing that’s going on, because in the worrying about what you’re going to do with it, or where it’s going to come from – you block the flow of it.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

    “You don’t get it until you give it. It is the asking for it that summons it.” ~ Abraham-Hicks